What is Pulse Leagues?

Pulse Leagues are flexible table tennis leagues, which means you get to play matches whenever works for your schedule, rather than having to play at a designated time each week.

If you're a busy person, the flexibility of Pulse Leagues is perfect for you.

How it Works:
  1. Find a league near you and register for it
  2. Schedule matches with your opponents whenever is convenient for you both
  3. Forge relationships and smash some pong over the course of the 14 week league
  4. Play in the final tourney for the glory of the coveted Golden Racquet

Who's Pulse Leagues for?

We've designed Pulse Leagues specifically for people looking to chat over a beer with some casual competitive pong to go with it. So if that sounds like you, we'd love to have you. But if you're some sort of intense ping pong Olympian who's really only here to grind your opponents to dust, you're probably not a good fit.

A typical meetup looks a little something like this... You chat with your partner in advance and set a time to meet. You get to the bar a little early and kick it with a beer for a few while you wait for the table to open up and your partner to arrive. You then play your game, have a few laughs, and maybe hang out and chat over a beer after.

Who it's for

  • You're interested in Pulse Leagues for the socialization and sense of community
  • You know how to banter and have a good time.
  • You've played ping pong before and you don't suck too much.
  • You know how to count to 21.
  • You like drinking, but you're not gonna become a shambling drunkard who trashes the bar.
  • You will be considerate and respectful to bar staff and equipment. (We will personally come slap you if you even think about sitting on the ping pong table.)

Who it's not for

  • You're more interested in pwning your opponents than having fun.
  • You don't like to socialize and meet new people.
  • You're the type of person who's dancing on the ping pong table with their shirt off after one beer.
  • Your own mother would probably say you're a terrible person.

What They're Saying...

“I’ve met new people, had a laugh, and enjoyed many a beer playing at the Francesca’s Bar League. It was great meeting awesome people that I have a lot in common with near my house – I met passionate people from all different industries and backgrounds. Pulse Leagues is great if you're looking for a casual beer, some pong, and a good chat. If you can handle a beer and still play pong this is for you.”

Liam B. Francesca's Bar League, Melbourne, Australia

“I have played at Francesca's for the last 3 seasons and it just keeps getting better! Always nice to meet new people and have some drinks while enjoying a game of table tennis. Level of competition is good and people play mostly to have a good time. Nothing too serious and the banter is always welcome! Flexible game time also makes it quite easy to fit in my busy schedule.”

David L. Francesca's Bar League, Melbourne, Australia

Leagues currently open for registration

Open For Registration

Francescas League - 2022

Location Information:
Francescas Bar, 222 High Street, Northcote, Victoria 3070, AU
Google Map »

Scheduled start date:
Sep 6th, 2022

More Details
Open For Registration


Location Information:
Tessie Pearl, 31 Dukes Walk, South Wharf, VIC 3006, AU
Google Map »

Scheduled start date:
Sep 6th, 2022

More Details