General Questions

The first step is to find a league near you and join it. You can visit our Leagues page to find one to join.
Head on over to our Host a League page and fill out the form and we'll be in touch to chat further.
Basically it just means that you and your opponent can schedule your matches around your busy lives, rather than being locked in to playing at a set time each week. You'll be able to go into the scheduling area of our app and propose times that work for you.
We don’t expect you to rock up with your freshly waxed paddle and olympic grade balls, although we appreciate your love for the sport. All venues will have bats and balls ready for you when you arrive. If they are not already on the table, just ask the bar staff for the gear. Some bars reserve quality equipment for our members, so we suggest you let them know you’re a part of Pulse Leagues to get the good stuff.
Hellz no! If you're eager to play in multiple leagues at once, we're not gonna stop you.
That's not technically a question, but we'll let it slide. Well that’s honest of you. Most players sign up thinking they're Bruce Lee, only to realise they haven’t played since they were 10 and beat their brother that one time. So lets just say we’re about social interactions and having a good time. We welcome all skill levels, all genders, and all hair styles.

League Questions

When we're filling up our leagues, we can never guarantee that we'll be able to definitely round up all 14 people as quickly as we'd like, depending on the area. So even though we're generally good to go by our scheduled start date, we can't guarantee it. We won't ever start before the scheduled start date though, so you can at least plan around that.
After running the amount of leagues that we have, we've learned a few things about what contributes to them running as smoothly as possible. We want everyone to be able to play each other at least once, and we have found that a 14 week season is the perfect length. So if we had any more than 14 players in a league, it would mean that you'd end up not getting to play against one or more people.
Yep! We have a little text field you can fill out with your friend's name when signing up, and we'll be sure you guys get put on the same league in the event that too many people sign up and we have to split the league into two leagues.
You can contact us to find out. We'll probably eventually have some sort of fancy waitlist sort of thing for your area, but for now it's just email.

Scheduling Questions

Of course! That's part of the beauty of flexible leagues. If you wanted to, you could technically even play all 13 games in one day. But you'd probz be pretty bored for the rest of the season if you did that. :)
No worries! That's life. The way our leagues are structured is that you have 3 weeks to play a match before you take a loss on it.
No. We aim to appoint league admins to each league to act as mediators to solve disputes like this. Basically, if a match goes unplayed because you guys are just lazy, you'll both be scored as a 0 on it. But if it's at the fault of one player, this is where you'll want to reach out to the league admin and let them know what's going on so that they can be sure to mark the match as a forfeiture for the player at fault, thus awarding you with a victory for the match.